Friday, October 5, 2007

More Cleaning than Training

Here is the run down of the last week:

Friday- shelled out for a 06 PT Cruiser. It's no El-C but heated seats and a CD player are pretty nice

Sunday-My name is Mud. No kidding. So much mud so few skills! That was a crazy day of racing. Battle at Barlow nothin' try BATTER at Barlow.

Monday-could hardly move I was so sore

Tuesday through THursday- wash race clothes, clean out new car covered with mud, wash race clothes, clean bike, wash race clothes, replace all cables and housing on bike, wash clothes AGAIN!

Today- I finally feal rested enough to train. It chaps me when people train hard because "It's Wednesday and thats waht Vervecken does on Wednesdays." Bull crap. Train hard when your not tired anymore. SO today is it for me. I'll likely drive over to the dairy, ride the course, wash the bike AGAIN, then get ready for SUnday.


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