Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Horny's hideout

Kidney punch, Kidney punch, Kidney punch!!!

That's about how the Horny Hide Out felt. That bumpy section was like a bar fight. Funniest part of all was that the farm or resort or whatever you want to call it looked to me like Arkansas church camp from when I was a kid. I read the www.crosscrusade.com forums and hear all the talk about it being a mtn bike course or this or that but all I know is that I'm a better man for racing up that stinkin hill 5 times when everyone esle did 6 or 7 times.

As far as sandbaggers go, I hope to be one someday. I heard a story once about Bob Roll being asked to do a D.A.R.E. presentation and he said something like, "are you kidding? Drugs saved my life!" That's about how I feel towards sandbaggers. They can set the pace and old farts like me have to follow. It's only gonna make me stronger. They'll get bored and move on, I'll just get tougher or keel over and die, but either way, it's my $20, my race and my nearly puking when it's all over so what do I care?


Thudmonkey said...

"I dig yer style dude"

Here's your invitation to the 5th annual NOISE ride. The Fresh Pot on N Mississippi and Shaver on Sat, Oct 27 at high noon. Three tests of strength and skill await those bold enough to attempt them. NOISE stands for something about one speeds and solidarity but mostly it's a good excuse to ride our a**es off around town and have a good time.

I thought about posting this on the crusade chat site but tubulars and spandex are kind of no-nos with this crowd so I passed.

more info at

Oh, and this is definitely a beer friendly event so if that bugs on you after giving up the bottle you might have to pass.

Word, T

muddy curmudgeon said...

Thanks bro. My deal aint to be judged on everyone. I appreciate the invite.