Monday, October 8, 2007

In the Crosshairs of Opportunity

Like I said in my last post, I rode the Alpenrose course Friday. I've been to watch that one a few times and have my favorite years and favorite course change ups out there. I was fired up, rested and ready to ROCK. Then it started to go all limp on me...

...first, I stop by River City to get some Assos cream and the tall kid tells me some guy named Shrek bought it all. By all I mean the whole effin case and what was on the shelf. At first I was bustin up, Seriously? I asked, Theres a guy who races bikes named Shrek? Then I was just pissed. WTF? What's one dude need with that much crotch cream?


I get home and find out my girlfriends brother whose been living with us "for a month or two" for almost a friggin year got a DUI. Hmmm, on a Friday at a job where he gets paid cash...go figure. Didn't he move in because my sobriety was "inspirational"? Either a dude's all in or not. And if he aint he's only lyin to himself. The good news was he had a deer tag and Saturday was opening day. Know what I'm saying?

Long story short, it's dusk on Saturday and guess what. I friggin bag one. But like I said, it was dusk. I knew there was no racin for me on Sunday morning. So instead I got a freezer full of meat, girlfriends free loadin backslidin bro out of the house and next week is the Horny Hide Out.

CROSS and deer season EFFIN RULE.

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