Monday, November 5, 2007

target audience

Hot damn I get to race with beginners, old beginners, single speeders and now big guys of all ages! I bet next year we get an Elephant category of 200+ lbs and over age 50. That, I might be able to top 10 at.

So after racin for the cheeseburger lap I watched closely at what bro's were wearing. With all the talk lately of sad, sad bike accidents, traffic engineering and respecting the rules of the road I took a simpler thought of dressing to be seen. What I noticed was alot of teams clothes are generally dark in color. Most have lines that fit right in with other lines such as center lines, bike lane lines, curb and sidewalk lines and even phone polls. Those last three kind of make lines with shadows and such and lead to sort of a TRON look. So my thinking is that racers clothes should contradict the lines created by the riding environment. I'm not saying dudes need flags or to look like clean up crews on the side of the freeway, but designs that create havoc and make people see them. Colors that don't blend in too. Un-Like Blue or green. Portland Velo kit seems to blend right in to alot of other colors especially on sunny days. That Oregon team would be totally invisible along the Sandy river with all the trees and greenery for example.

The best kit I saw was the S&M orange, and I hate to say it but the Zebra suits too. The problem with the zebra stripes is that I would be afraid, very afraid to wear that anywhere that is not a bike race. Cruising up Interstate (Cesar Chavez Blvd?) or in any rural area would be an invite to a Deliverance experience or something out of Pulp Fiction.

Now that said, maybe zebra stripes in different colors instead of black and white or some sort of variation of horizontal lines. I saw some dudes in the Tour of California with argyle. That's what I'm talking about. Most bike racers seem sharp enough in the shoulders to pull argyle off well I think.

Anyway, that's my thought for the day. The big boy race was a hoot but I'm all about making top 30 at the Single Speed World Champs next week. I'm dieting too by only having ice cream OR cookies for desert this week. I've also spent enough time in my day at Timber Park to know that course like the back of a bra strap.

Rock on, Cross effin rules.

P.S. Feel free to comment if you read this. Not sure anyone does.


MtMann said...

I read it. Good thought on the team kit. Get rid of designs with straight lines - need more circles and curves, maybe even big bubbles. And in cross, do you really need to be that aero? What with all the sun we been having, I was thinking I'd be most comfy riding in a Hawaiian shirt - should try that.

skippi said...

Man you are a riot! I had to check out your blog, I got an old school steel Nishiki for ya, set up with canti`s cross or tour man!


Carbon is cool!