Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Apples and Oranges is B's to A's

What a blast the World Single Speed Cyclocross Champs were. Man, I was feeling faster last week than ever before. I am really improving I think at this cyclocross thing. But then I get out there to race Master C on Sunday totally get it handed to me. I've been trying to focus on my own race, my own improvement but am starting to re-think my attitude about sandbaggers. I swear I am faster than last place, but some of those dudes on the front of the race really seem to be stickin it. Plus, I felt like my skills were better in the slippery stuff and I was able to get a good vibe going in the race. Maybe I'm just spending too much time on the cross crusade chat board talkin smack about sandbaggers.

What I do know is this-Watching the A race, Master A race and teh SS WC race, those bro's have another 5 gears that dudes in the lower cats don't even know about. It's insane, in the SS WC race the top bros rode like they had geared bikes in BIG gears too. Crazy. I've tried SS, Master C, beginner and Master 50+ and get it handed to me about the same in each of those cats. Those A racers were handing it to me and all I was doing was watching there race! Insane.

Oh well, the season is almost over and it's a big finish with races in Eugene, back to Krueger dude's farm, then the USGP weekend. For the GP my lady suprised me with a pair of tix to see Van friggin Halen on Saturday night. That's the friggin bomb and I hope to be able to race earlier that day in a way worthy of the band.

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