Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kruger Dudes Farm

Holly Crap! After the race, I took the ;lady for burgers and ice cream. Forgot to wash my face and looked like hell. BUt did I eat. Dang! Got back to the casa around 9, showered and passed out. Got up at nearly noon and ate like a horse again.

I gotta give a shout out to Brooke Hoyer who's website is cool, informational and he answers my questions. -something other dudes haven't done. when i learn how, i'll set my blog so dudes can click to go see his sight. That is if anyone reads this.

I was leary of a cross race with no barriers. All this fettish with being Belgian makes me scratch my head. Do Belgians wish they were from Jersey or LA? Who knows. But the race was good. Brookes advice to try Masters 35+C is my new goal. I'm gonna work my way up from moron to beat on the younger guys -even if it kills me.

Cyclocross is alot different than it was in 1982 but it still EFFIN RULES!

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