Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jogging as Training

I've read plenty of other dudes blogs about going from riding all summer to running as prep for 'cross. I'll skip the crap everyone already said about being slow and sore. Too many wussies as far as I can tell.

I go downtown to the fancy running store for a good pair of shoes. I'm ready to shell out for this because I haven't bought a pack of Marlboros in a long freakin' time. I haven't been playing keno at Dotty's or gambling on line since before the double bypass. I've got a little scratch to get back into this cyclocross game.

So the kid at the running shop says my feet are flatter than the Woodburn drag strip. According to him I need these super supportive running shoes that look more like something old people wear. The only saving grace is that they still have laces and not giant velcro straps but orthopedic shoes are orthopedic shoes no matter how you look at it. The kid had me do some jogging in front of the store which got me a little winded. I'll hand it to him though, the shoes feel good. I count those three laps infront of the store as my first day of jogging for cross.

So yesterday I hit Glendoveer at sunrise to do my jog. It's 2 miles around and all soft dirt. I borrowed my girl-friends step son's I-pod and rocked out to Greenday for the 30-minutes it took me to get around the golf course. I learned a couple things yesterday:

#1 I'm slow as I am old
#2 2 miles is a long friggin way to jog
#3 Next pay day I'm buying my own ipod. That thing is friggin awesome. You can actually mix songs from different bands and albums without having to take forever like the old mix tapes. What will they think of next?

enuogh for now,


P.S. To whoever posted the comment about hanging at the A-crop; your a wussie and an idiot. There's better clubs in gresham.

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